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I am Denis Abercrombie, the founder and sole attorney at Abercrombie Law PLLC. I have over 35 years of business transactions and real estate experience. My office staff and I seek to empower businesses by making your contracts work for your business so your business can work for you.

My first goal is to understand your goals. I want to learn your concerns and “hot buttons” with regard to contracts and transactions and take a business approach to providing legal support. My support staff and I can provide you better legal support if we first understand how your business makes money and whether you have had past losses or problems due to transactions and contracts not properly protecting your company. I want to know what keeps you up at night. Your perspective on your business is the one that that the firm wants to adopt in providing you supportive legal services.

The result will be to protect your deals and your assets. The goal is avoid disputes and the courtroom. Your business contracts are a tool that should be part of efficient business processes that helps your business serve you – not to have you serve your business. I aspire to free up time and mental energy for my clients so they can turn their attention to what they do best: build their business, rather than worry about paperwork. This same philosophy is carried into all my work for you– whether it is establishingstandard forms and contracting processes for your company or routine contract and document review, general corporate matters, real estate deals, mergers and acquisitions and contractual matters of all types.

Experience When it Matters Most

Denis Abercrombie has over 30 years of experience with “doing deals” of many shapes and sizes and involving industries as varied as IT, real estate, oil and gas, midstream energy, as well as experience with joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, assets sales and purchases, development of complex industrial projects and achieving resolution of complex business disputes without having to resort to litigation. Mr. Abercrombie has a reputation of being a business-oriented deal maker and someone that helps his clients build positive, long lasting relationships with their customers, clients and other stakeholders.


  • Listen First: To listen to your concerns, priorities, and goals and make those goals the Firm’s priority.
  • Quality Always: To provide quality legal advice and develop reasonable strategies for the success of your business
  • Communicate: To communicate promptly and keep you apprised of the status of your work.
  • Predictability: To be creative in arriving at transparent fee arrangements that allow you greater predictability in planning your business budget and to encourage you to prevent problems rather than waiting to seek legal support after things have already gone wrong.
  • Confidentiality and Security: To respect your privacy and to guard the confidentiality of your information.
  • Pragmatic: To take a pragmatic approach to legal work and issues, focusing on growth of your business and maintaining good relationships with your customers or clients.

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