Business Law
& Contracts

Abercrombie Law has experience in a wide range of business contracts and deal-making. From transactions as simple as purchase orders and service agreements up to complex transactions involving the formation of entities, joint ventures, and the development of “greenfield” industrial facilities and contracts that arise from such large projects. Mr. Abercrombie and his staff can support your efforts to standardize and automate your routine contracts, assist with implementing and running contract administration systems and help you standardize your contract terms so they properly represent your risk profile. Mr. Abercrombie can also assist you in negotiating all the long-form, specialized contracts that flow from a major business deal such as a merger or acquisition or a manufacturing facility dependent on feedstock contractsand offtake purchase agreements. As your legal advisor, Mr. Abercrombie understands that his role is to advise you of the risks involved in your deals and draft according to your goals, not to try to control your decisions.


Real Estate

Mr. Abercrombie has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in commercial real estate lease transactions as well as real estate purchases, sales and development for commercial and industrial uses. He has represented Fortune 500 companies re-developing and selling surplus properties as well as negotiating terms for major office leases. The firm represents both small and large companies with regard to their real estate matters, whether a small, family-owned retailer or a major corporation with industrial facilities. Due to Mr. Abercrombie’s years of in-house experience, he can also coordinate the retention and management of local counsel for locations outside of his licensed jurisdictions (Texas and Oklahoma) where needed.


Mr. Abercrombie’s decades long experience in the natural gas, natural gas liquids and product terminals and the energy products transportation business has given him the opportunity to represent major energy companies in many different roles; including producers, gas gathering and processing companies, crude oil seller and buyers, LPG/NGL companies and pipelines and terminals owner and operators (truck, rail and marine). His standardized products and services agreements continue to be used by his prior clients and employers and are designed to allow the business representatives to focus on the commercial terms more, rather than get mired in technical legal debates over boilerplate terms, and to get a deal efficiently negotiated and closed.


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