Mr. Abercrombie has experience in a wide range of business contracts and deal-making. From transactions as simple as purchase orders and service agreements up to complex transactions involving the formation of entities, joint ventures, and the development of “greenfield” industrial facilities and contracts that arise from such large projects. He can support your efforts to standardize and automate your routine contracts, assist with implementing and running contract administration systems and help you standardize your contract terms so they properly represent your risk profile. For your long-form, specialized contracts that flow from a major business deal, Mr. Abercrombie can assist you in negotiatingthe terms of all the governing documents, such as agreements related to a merger or acquisition or the operations of industrial facilities. As your legal advisor, Mr. Abercrombie understands that our Firm is here to advise you of the risks involved in your deals and draft according to your goals, not to try to control your decisions.


  • Form contracts standardization.
  • Contract administration systems (choice and implementation).
  • Full contract life-cycle automation assistance to reduce time and expense spent negotiating your commercial/revenue sensitive contracts.
  • Review and negotiation assistance for individual contracts/transactions.
  • Review indemnity and insurance provisions for consistency with your company’s risk profile and your insurance program.

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