Mr. Abercrombie has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants in commercial real estate lease transactions as well as real estate purchases, sales and development for commercial and industrial uses. He has represented Fortune 500 companies re-developing and selling surplus properties as well as negotiating terms for major office leases. The firm represents both small and large companies with regard to their real estate matters, whether a small, family-owned retailer or a major corporation with industrial facilities. Due to Mr. Abercrombie’s years of in-house experience, he can also coordinate the retention and management of local counsel for locations outside of his licensed jurisdictions (Texas and Oklahoma) where needed.


bulletLand Sale and purchases – raw land, agricultural land and with facilities

bulletEasements, rights of way, surface use agreements, of all types including energy industry related transactions, such as pipeline and other facility easements, operator agreements, etc.

bulletEasement abandonments, vacations or abandonments

bulletComplicated title cure issues, especially where land is tied up in estates with multiple heirs

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