Mr. Abercrombie’s decades long experience in the natural gas, natural gas liquids and product terminals and the energy products transportation business has given him the opportunity to represent major energy companies in many different roles; including producers, gas gathering and processing companies, crude oil seller and buyers, LPG/NGL companies and pipelines and terminals owner and operators (truck, rail and marine). His standardized products and services agreements continue to be used by his prior clients and employers and are designed to allow the business representatives to focus on the commercial terms more, rather than get mired in technical legal debates over boilerplate terms, and to get a deal efficiently negotiated and closed.


bulletGas, crude oil and condensate gathering, processing and treating transactions

bulletFacility EPC contracts for new-builds or expansions/modifications

bulletNegotiated easement, right of way and surface use agreements

bulletAssist your auditors in connection with both simple and complex contract audits, including measurement disputes – up to and through mediation.

bulletCoordinate retention of litigation counsel or assist/support your chosen litigation counsel in contract disputes, as either a consulting or testifying expert.

bulletMarine terminals contracts, charter parties, marine terms reviews

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